Lesson 7.0: Setup Payroll Paying Employees

Payroll is a common source of headaches for new business owners.

Ready to pay your employees using QuickBooks? Get started by setting up your employees and running your first payroll. Here's how.

Learn what it takes to run payroll and see how QuickBooks can help.


  • Setup payroll
  • Adding Employee information
  • Processing paychecks
  • Paying payroll taxes
  • Printing and filing Quarterly payroll reports
  • File reports electronically
  • Annual payroll report

Lesson 7.1: Paying Payroll Taxes

QuickBooks Online makes it easy to manage payroll taxes. The payroll process doesn’t end with preparing and producing paychecks. On a schedule determined by the IRS, you need to remit payroll taxes and file payroll tax returns.


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